November 2022 Big congratulations to our newest ‘Teknologie licentiat’ (academic step halfway to PhD) Sajjad!
Licentiate thesis: Highly-filled biocomposites modelling, processing and characterization
by Sajjad Pashazadeh
Discussion leader: Dr. Fritjof Nilsson (KTH/Mid-Sweden University)
August 2022 Fabulolus trip with the occasion of the Nordic Rheology Conference in Iceland. Among others, we got to observe the spectacular splash flow of a remarkable shear-thinning (see Sonder et al. 2006) fluid: lava! In the bottom-right photo, from left to right: Sajjad, Marco, Alexandra, Hengzhi, Ases, Roland, Sylwia, Reza and Viney. Looking forward to the next NRC in Aarhus, April 2023!
June 2022 Research is not only about work but also about relaxing together. This year we succesfulyy completed 50 km of sunny riding along the west coast for the Annual Group Cycling Trip 2022. In the top photo, from left to right: Sajjad, Alexandra, Hengzhi, Reza, Roland, Ases, Marko, Viney.
April 2022 Very proud of a strong showing from our Rheology and Processing of Soft Matter group at the Annual European Rheology Conference, AERC 2022, in Seville! In the central photo, from left to right: Sylwia, Christos, Sajjad, Viney, Ases, Alexandra, Reza.
April 2022 We’re 3D-printing! One of our first tests using our new Cellink BIO X bioprinter was to print out our group name. More to follow!
March 2022 Time to retire our old logo, with new and exciting experiments always coming up! The word ‘Rheology’ in the old logo above was created on the occasion of organizing the 28th Nordic Rheology Conference. Image credit (from left to right): RK, RK, Dr. Mina Fazilati, RK, Dr. Karolina Gaska and Dr. Santosh Pandit, Sahana Cooper, Yogesh Thadavathi.
January 2022 Fantastic day for the annual group winter hike!